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Mr. Gurumukh Uttamchandani
Executive Director, Syska LED Lights
They have helped us a big way in implementing paperless warranty solutions for our brand. They have great technology, and the implementation & integration set up was really quick

Gaurav Zatakia
CEO, Flo Mattress
We were looking for a technically strong solution, and Dryect certainly stood up to our requirements. It eased consumer interactions and automated the warranty claims process.
Gaurav Anand
Co-Founder, Cockatoo
Our after-sales support team loves Dyrect, & uses the software to manage all our warranties & customer communication. The best part is they provide a ready-to-use application for our customers to view their product warranties.
Ranjith B
Head of Business, ResQTech
The solution is very useful in getting the customer to register and avail warranty, and also it's very easy for us as sellers to monitor the warranty registrations and claims.

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