Post Sales Experience that Drive Revenue

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Most Comprehensive
Post Sales Experience Suite

Dyrect helps you deliver the most engaging Post Sales Experience to your customers.
Impactful touchpoints which leads to higher Sales Conversions.

1-1 Personalized Post Sales Experience

Customer demands Personalized Engagement. Using our personalization engine, provide them Apple like Experience. Elevate brand affinity and drive more repeat sales.

Own Your

Collect First Party data. and deliver personalized engagement to convert them into repeat buyers.

Drive traffic to eCommerce

Send buyers from third party channels to your Sales Channel.

Create Beautiful Landing Pages

use no-code landing page builder to showcase product Catalog, installation, related product and much more

Multi-Channel Communication

Connect with your customers where they are be it Email, iMessage, SMS, Whatsapp…

Collect Feedback & Resolve Queries

Inbuilt CRM that help collect realtime product feedbacks & resolve complaints at scale

Integrate with any system

Quickly integrate with your favorite marketing communication tool with our flexible rest APIs.

Serialize your Products
to Protect, Acquire & Engage

Desktop and Mobile illustration

Increase Repeat Sales by upto 28%

Remove dependency on third party platforms, and sell more on your eCommerce. Collect customer data to retarget the customers and bring them back to your own Channel.

Use our No Code Experience Builder to grow Revenue by offering:

☑️ Complimentary Products
☑️ Extended Warranties
☑️ Discount Coupons
☑️ Feedback Mechanism
☑️ Social Channels Engagement

and much more…

Warranty Management Software

Dyrect provides software application for both Customer and Business to manage warranties on both the ends.

Using branded mobile app, your customers will be able to:

Register product for Warranty
☑️ Request for Warranty Claims.
☑️ Manage multiple Products.
☑️ Track Status of their Claims.
☑️ Provide Feedback

and much more...

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Warranty CRM to handle Claims

Built for teams of every size from Startups to Enterprise, Dyrect’s inbuilt Warranty CRM help you to provide quick resolution to your  customers from any channel.

Service teams can manage:
Product Warranties.
☑️ Warranty claims
☑️ CRM to assign & resolve tickets faster.
☑️Multi Agent Logins

and much more…

Capture Product Feedback. Beat Your Competition.

Best of the brands use customer feedback to build even better products.
Collect Realtime product feedback and resolve support customer queries and provide apple like experience to your customers.Dyrect provides a seamless way for brands to collect product feedback from their customers at scale.

Desktop and Mobile illustration

Here is how

1-Click Product Registration software that unlocks a rewarding Post Sales Experience for your Customers.

1. Scan QR Code

Scan using any QR code mobile application like Google Lens among other… (No App Download)

2. 1-Click Registration

Let customers register the product in just 1-click using integrated Single Signon's.

3. Engaging Experience

Let them experience the work of limitless possibilities to engage with the brand. Leading in increased revenue.

Helping 100s of brands drive eCommerce Revenue

Don't take our word for it.

We not only help increase Registrations but also provide a delightful Post Sales experience.


Consumers Connected

Upto 28%

increase in repeat sales


Product Registration than
any other system