Here's how a product registration software can benefit you

Product registration software is important, especially for eCommerce sellers of consumer products. ECommerce sellers and entrepreneurs know just how important knowing who your customer is and how beneficial having first-party customer data can be. 

Advanced Product registration software like Dyrect helps you know who your customers are, communicate with them, deliver essential post-sales services and most importantly, retain them.

Product registration software collects valuable information about each customer, such as their name, email address and any other information they provide during registration. 

Data can then be used to increase repeat sales, manage warranty claims and improve customer satisfaction. 

Get first-party customer data

Here's how a product registration software can benefit you

You know customer data is important, but where do you get it from?

When customers register with your brand, they provide their contact information and other details that can help you better understand them and their needs. 

1. First-party customer data is available from all your customers, in one place, including your marketplace and offline retail customers. This means you can view customer information such as purchase history, contact details and more all on a single dashboard.

2. You can build custom reports for each customer that show their past behaviour and give you information on how to sell them the most successful products in future. This can help you to send targeted emails and remarket effectively to retain maximum customers

3. Product registration software helps you maintain a record of all products that your customers buy, making warranty registrations and claims extremely simple.

Increase the customer lifetime value

Here's how a product registration software can benefit you

Customer lifetime value (CLV) is the total amount of revenue a company can expect from a single customer over their entire relationship with the company. 

The CLV metric helps you determine how much you should spend on advertising, acquisition or retention activities to maximize profits from each customer.

With product registration software, you can easily track the life cycle of your products. The software will help you make sure that every single customer is happy with your product and is receiving the right support. This will ensure that you don’t lose any potential customers due to a lack of support or poor service.

In addition, it also helps you get the first-party data of all your customers. It allows you to track customer data and collect information about their behaviour. 

This information can be used to build a relationship with your customers, which will help them become loyal customers in the long run. This is another way to increase the lifetime value of your business by providing a better experience for your customers.

Educate your customers using your product registration software

Here's how a product registration software can benefit you

The registration process is a crucial post-sales touchpoint with your customers, and with advanced product registration software, you can use it to educate your customers. 

Dyrect's product registration software creates for you a custom landing page that your customers get directed to while registering their products. 

You can use this digital real estate to educate and engage your customers by providing how-to guides, answering FAQs, collecting feedback and even cross-selling related products. 

Communicate with your customers

Here's how a product registration software can benefit you

Efficient post-sales customer communication is an integral part of the post-sales experience, and your customers would be expecting just that.

Customers when registering for a warranty claim, expect constant updates on their claim status, but ensuring that their customers are aware of their claim's status is an expensive and time-consuming process. 

Advanced product registration software like Dyrect has an inbuilt CRM that integrates easily with your existing processes. The benefit of using product registration software over a CRM is having all the required details like product details, claim status and customer data on a single platform. 

Deliver unparalleled customer service with a product registration software

Here's how a product registration software can benefit you

Product registration software helps you deliver better customer service by allowing you to track incidents and complaints in real-time, so that they can be dealt with quickly by the right person within your organization (or outsourced). This ensures that you can resolve issues before they have time to escalate into something larger.

It also makes the work of customer service executives a lot easier by offering all the tools for tracking, communication and execution on a single dashboard. 

And by enabling real-time claim tracking, your customer service executives will be free from constant emails and phones from customers wanting to check their claim status.

Empower customers

Here's how a product registration software can benefit you

Product registration software helps you empower your customers by allowing them to own a product, as compared to being anonymous customers. 

This allows consumers to interact with the brand, which can be very valuable for companies that want to understand what their customers think about them and their products.

The product registration software also allows companies to collect feedback from customers. This data can be used as part of an overall marketing strategy, which will help companies understand what their customers want and need, and how they prefer to interact with the brand.

Automate warranty claims

Here's how a product registration software can benefit you

Product registration software helps with warranty claims management by enabling you to gather more accurate data about your product and the customers who purchased them, so you can better identify trends and patterns related to product failures or malfunctions that might affect future sales and returns related to those particular products.

Product registration software allows you to track these issues so that when someone calls for assistance, you'll already have all the information about their particular product ready for them when they call for help — no searching required! 

This can save both time and money for both parties involved in the transaction because it eliminates any unnecessary delays when someone needs assistance with their product.

Product registration software is a great way to help your brand increase repeat sales. It's also a great way to build customer loyalty and keep customers coming back for more.

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Leading e-commerce brands are using product registration software like Dyrect to collect first-party data and connect with all their customers.

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