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Trusted by hundreds of brands of all sizes, Dyrect is used for post-purchase customer acquisition, engagement, and retention—both in-store and online.
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Elevate Experience. Build Direct Connection.
Create Upsell Opportunities.

We bring together everything that help turn your customers into brand advocates for life. Give them a reason to come back to you by enabling personalized omni channel digital experiences to your online & retail customers.

Dyrect - Post Purchase Engagement Platform

Your customer expects Apple-like experience.

Dyrect is an integrated after-sales platform for your modern customer needs


Enable swift, effortless registration in seconds

Omnichannel Registration Software solution to help marketing teams build direct connection, reduce CAC and improve CLTV

Popular Capability:
Connect with 3rd Party offline & marketplace customers.
Collect 1st Party Data including email, phone #, sales channel, geo-location.
Self Serve Customer Portal

Elevate Customer Satisfaction, reduce overheads with faster, accurate Claims Processing.

Warranty claims & service system to help you connect with customers, exceed expectations, and turn them into promoters who grow your business.

Popular Capability:
Optimize Warranty Claims Process
Eliminate Fraud Claims
Streamline Chargebacks from dealers & OEMs

Modern customers want answers at the touch of a button. Not paper clutter.

Ownership Experience Software to help Experience Managers design memorable digital experiences for their customers, effectively turning them into loyal brand advocates.

Popular Capability:
Distribute manuals, recipes, care instructions, and more.
Collect Feedback
Upsell Extended Warranty Plans

Elevate Experience. Build Direct Connection. Create Upsell Opportunities.

More than 50% of your sales is dependent on offline retail or marketplaces. None of these channels lets you build Dyrect Consumer Connection. We enable that for you by collecting first party data and in turn increase your repeat sales.

Impact every aspect of your business

Growing a business isn’t easy, but we’ve got your back. Explore some of our customers’ top business challenges and learn how Dyrect’s integrated product registration, warranty management and claim management solutions  can help you leave these problems in the past.


Drive revenue with First Party Data

Find out how companies like yours seamlessly attract qualified leads, convert them into customers, and drive revenue.

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Warranty Managers

Reduce cost by optimizing  Claims Processing

Find out how companies like yours seamlessly attract qualified leads, convert them into customers, and drive revenue.

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Business Owner

Make after-sales a Profitable Center

We bring brand warranties at one single place. Is your brand there yet?

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It's a no brainer

Hundreds of brands have uplifted Customer Satisfaction & uplifted their revenue with Dyrect, and who wouldn't do?

Grow your email/ SMS subscribers

Allow users to subscribe for marketing communication opt-ins during the warranty registering.

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Omni-Channel Registration

Allow multi-channel options to register. Be it QR code on the Packaging or an integrate with your Shopify store.

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Own Your Customer, Own Your Brand

Take command of customer relationships to enhance brand success, increase revenue outcomes, and optimize CPC while elevating LTV.

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Drag & Drop

Create experiences in minutes using our self-service software with easy to use drag & drop capabilities

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Branded Experience

Make the experience look like your own.

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Enterprise Grade Security

Ensuring data security is our utmost priority; all communications are encrypted and compliant with GDPR and CCPA regulations.

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Onboard in a Blink

Register for warranties, access manuals—effortless, immediate, and unforgettable. Let's kickstart a journey your customers will rave about.

Smart Registration, Smarter Data

Product Registration not only makes life easy for customers but also empowers brands with valuable first-party data. It's smart registration for smarter insights.

Fast-Forward Your Claims

Zoom through claims effortlessly with Accelerated Claims Management. Swift validations, quick repairs—because in business, speed equals savings.

Smart Profit Moves

Our features redefine success, making every move count for profit. Experience a new era where strategic decisions lead to financial success, one interaction at a time.

Connect, Collaborate, Conquer

Integration feature is your key to conquering challenges. Connect with Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Zendesk, and Zoho Desk for seamless collaboration. Transform the way you work

Your Brand, Everywhere

Dyrect's Omni-Channel Registration is your ticket to omnipresence. Register your brand effortlessly, and let your presence echo across every channel.

Why 100s of brands trust us?

"They have helped us a big way in implementing paperless warranty solutions for our brand. They have great technology, and the implementation & integration set up was really quick"


Executive Director, Syska LED Lights

"We were looking for a technically strong solution, and Dryect certainly stood up to our requirements. It eased consumer interactions and automated the warranty claims process."


CEO, Flo Mattress

"Our after-sales support team loves Dyrect, & uses the software to manage all our warranties & customer communication. The best part is they provide a ready-to-use application for our customers to view their product warranties."


Co-Founder, Cockatoo

"The solution is very useful in getting the customer to register and avail warranty, and also it's very easy for us as sellers to monitor the warranty registrations and claims."


Seamlessly Connect with any system.

Dyrect integrates seamlessly with systems that power every aspect of your business.Use out of the box connectors or use restful APIs.

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Here's Dyrect offers your business:

Effortless integration
Faster deployment
Self Service Platform
Simplified Onboarding
GDPR, CCPA Compliant


higher attachment rate
1 Million+ Warranties registered


faster claims processing
100K+ Claims Processed


Better Customer Engagement
5 Million+ Engaged Customer

Ready for a Profitable Tomorrow?

Join 100s of successful global brands who've transformed their Post Purchase Engagement with us.

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