We are on a mission to help brands build Dyrect Meaningful Relationships with their customers.

In the last 4 years, I have worked with 100s of high-growth retail brands. During this time, I realized marketing team constantly struggling to increase their eCommerce sales.

What's the real deal?

There are problems at both ends.

for Brands:

🌐 Third Party Data wall while selling on Marketplaces & Offline retail.

🎯 Targeting unknown customers on social channels resulting in low conversions and high CAC.

🍎 Recent iOS 14 update of track making it difficult for

🔍 Google deprecating third-party cookies by 2024.

for Customers:

😤 Tedious process to get the after-post service from the brands.

🤝 No dyrect connection with the brands while buying from Offline retail or Marketplace.

Resulting in a disconnected experience for both parties.

We are building for both worlds. 

Dyect helps brands Collect First Party data and provide an engaging post-sales experience to their customers. 

Our solution is already delivering at least 3x better value than any other systems in the market.

How do we achieve this?

We leverage your product packaging (apply QR code) to connect buyers directly with you by placing unique QR codes on your packaging 📦.

When a customer purchases a product through third-party channels, they scan the QR code (using their camera) to register for a Product Warranty, Settle Claims, Receive Discount Couponse-vouchers, provide Feedback, Product Installation manuals more...

The first-party data those profiles to segment and target to sell on your eCommerce.

The results?

✅ Increase in consented subscribers

✅ High eCommerce upsell opportunity

✅ Cut down your CAC

✅ Boost your ROAS

👉 Let's break the third-party data wall and bring them to your eCommerce today.

Contact us at www;sales@dreyt.co and visit us at www.dyrect.co