Imagine driving around in a cozy RV, exploring new places and having amazing adventures. But sometimes, just like any vehicle, an RV might have problems while you're traveling. That's where RV extended warranties come in. They're like safety nets for your RV, making sure you're protected if something goes wrong. In this helpful guide, we'll talk about RV extended warranties in simple terms. 

We'll look at the 7 best options that can keep your RV safe and your travels worry-free. These warranties cover lots of things, and they make it easy to get help when you need it. Let's dive in and learn about RV extended warranties, so you can focus on having a great time on the road!

Top 7 RV extended warranties

1. Good Sam Extended Warranty

The Good Sam Extended Warranty offers comprehensive coverage for various components of your RV, safeguarding you against unexpected repair expenses that could arise during your travels. This warranty is especially valued for its wide range of coverage options, providing peace of mind to RV owners.

How to Claim good sam extended warranty:

If you're opting to handle a Good Sam Extended Warranty claim on your own, there are several methods available. You can contact them via phone at 866-516-7842 to speak with a representative.

Alternatively, you can file a claim by sending an email to

If you prefer in-person communication, you can schedule an appointment online by selecting a dealership based on your location and filling out an online form. Afterward, you'll be contacted by a representative with appointment details.


  • Wide range of coverage options to suit different needs.
  • Established reputation within the RV community.
  • Various plans available for customization.


  • Some exclusions might apply, so it's important to review the terms carefully.
  • The claims process may require thorough documentation.
  • The cost of coverage can vary based on factors such as the type of RV and coverage level.

2. Jayco Warranty

The Jayco Warranty is a manufacturer's warranty designed to address defects and issues that stem from the manufacturing process of Jayco RVs. It's a promise to provide assistance if any manufacturing-related problems arise during a specified period after the purchase.

How to Register/Claim

Registering for the Jayco Warranty is typically an automatic process when you purchase a new Jayco RV. If you encounter a problem covered by the warranty, you can reach out to a Jayco dealer or authorized service center to initiate the claim.


  • Direct support from the RV manufacturer.
  • Coverage generally includes a specified time frame after purchase.


  • Limited to addressing manufacturing defects specifically.
  • Might not cover issues arising from wear and tear or other non-manufacturing causes.

3. Forest River Warranty

The Forest River Warranty is aimed at providing buyers of Forest River RVs with confidence in the quality of their purchase. This warranty focuses on addressing manufacturing-related problems that might emerge in their vehicles.

How to Register/Claim

Registering for the Forest River Warranty often involves providing your RV's information to the dealer during the purchase process. For making claims, you'll work with an authorized Forest River service center or dealer to address issues covered by the warranty.


  • Offers reassurance about the quality of the RV purchase.
  • Provides support in case of manufacturing-related issues. 


  • Coverage is limited to addressing defects and problems related to the manufacturing process.
  • Non-manufacturing issues and wear and tear might not be covered.

4. Grand Design Warranty

The Grand Design Warranty is designed to reflect the brand's commitment to quality. It offers coverage for potential defects that could arise from the manufacturing process of Grand Design RVs, ensuring that buyers can enjoy their journeys with a sense of security.

How to Register/Claim

When you purchase a Grand Design RV, your warranty registration is typically processed automatically. If you encounter issues that are covered by the warranty, you can reach out to a Grand Design dealer or authorized service center to initiate a claim.


  • Reflects the brand's emphasis on producing high-quality RVs.
  • Covers potential manufacturing-related problems within a specific timeframe.


  • Generally focused on addressing manufacturing defects only.
  • Non-manufacturing issues or regular wear and tear might not be covered.

5. Cornerstone RV Warranty

The Cornerstone RV Warranty offers comprehensive extended coverage, guarding against unexpected mechanical breakdowns in various components of your RV. It's known for its robust protection plans, providing owners with peace of mind during their travels.

How to Register/Claim

Registering for the Cornerstone RV Warranty involves connecting with their customer service and going through the registration process. In the event of a claim, you can contact Cornerstone's claims department, furnish details about the problem, and kickstart the claims procedure.


  • Comprehensive coverage for a wide range of mechanical and electrical components.
  • Customizable plans based on your RV's age and specific needs.
  • Offers extensive support for major repairs.


  • Like other warranties, exclusions and limitations might apply.
  • The claims process may require thorough documentation.
  • Costs can vary based on your RV's details and the coverage level you choose.

6. Compass RV Protection

Compass RV Protection is a warranty service that aims to provide RV owners with additional peace of mind during their travels. It covers various mechanical and electrical components, offering protection against unexpected breakdowns.

How to Register/Claim

Registering for Compass RV Protection typically involves contacting their customer service and following their registration process. When you need to make a claim, you can get in touch with their claims department, provide necessary information about the issue, and initiate the claims process.


  • Coverage for a range of mechanical and electrical components.
  • Additional support for unexpected breakdowns during your travels.


  • Like all warranties, there could be certain exclusions to coverage.
  • Claims process may involve providing documentation and information about the issue.
  • Costs can vary based on factors such as the type of RV and coverage level.

7. Winnebago Warranty

The Winnebago Warranty is the manufacturer's assurance of quality for their RVs. It covers potential defects and issues arising from the manufacturing process of Winnebago vehicles, offering support and peace of mind to buyers.

How to Register/Claim

When you purchase a new Winnebago RV, the warranty registration process is typically handled automatically. If you encounter problems covered by the warranty, you can contact a Winnebago dealer or authorised service centre to begin the claims process.


  • Direct support from the manufacturer for addressing issues.
  • Coverage generally extends for a specific time after the RV purchase.


  • Generally limited to addressing manufacturing-related defects.
  • Non-manufacturing issues and wear and tear might not be covered.

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