If you sell consumer products, you know who the retail king of the world is. With a 40% share of retail sales in the US market, there is no way around Amazon. If you are a consumer products brand, you have to sell on Amazon. 

How to connect with amazon customers

But if you have been selling on Amazon, you know there's a big catch

  1. Commission rates as high as 20% eat up your profits.
  2. Little control over customers' post-purchase experience.
  3. Amazon copping your products
  4. No access to data of your customers, rendering you unable to remarket and retain customers. 

Strict Amazon policies have made it impossible for brands to know who their customers are, making remarketing and selling to them D2C a thing of the dream of many sellers.

Amazon data policies are only getting stricter by the data, with one aim only - not allowing brands to connect with their Amazon customers.

However, it is possible to get customer data and direct purchases from your Amazon customers without breaking the rules.  

So how can you connect directly to your Amazon customers?

The answer is collecting first-party data of all your Amazon customers using Dyrect's product registration software.

Before we get into how you can connect directly with your Amazon customers, let's talk about what first-party data exactly is.

What is first-party data, and how is it useful?

First-party data, also known as 1P data, is amongst the many forms of customer data available for marketers to create targeted marketing campaigns. First-party data is the data that customers directly give to brands with their consent.

First-party data is gold for your marketing teams as it-

  1. Segment your marketing campaigns.
  2. Map your customer's journey.
  3. It is exclusively available and owned by you.
  4. It's free!

How to use first-party data to increase revenues?

How does Dyrect connect you with your Amazon customers?

Get data of your Amazon customers

Dyrect uses the product ownership experience to bring you data of your Amazon customers. Dyrect is a product registration software which works by having unique QR codes placed inside your product packaging.

When a customer buys your product from Amazon, they scan the QR code to register their product to claim loyalty points, register their warranty or access any other essential post-sales service. 

The users can scan the QR code with any app and even their phone camera. The QR code directs users to a custom build web app, wherein users can register their product for any future claims in just a single click.

The users do this by entering in their personal and product details, with single-sign-on features enabled, giving them the option to sign in through Google and Truecaller. This means that users do not have to remember their credentials for signing in, and all the details submitted are verified. 

Once a customer is registered, you can reach out to customers by email, SMS and WhatsApp (using the data provided on the web app) with confirmation messages and links for future claims. 

This enables you to reach every Amazon customer personally, opening up remarketing and reselling opportunities. 

Whenever a customer wants to claim a warranty or access another post-sales service, all they have to do is go on the web app, using links in their emails, SMS and WhatsApp, and click a button. 

Dyrect through the product registration process enables your brand to -

  1. Get data of all your Amazon customers.
  2. Reduce post-sales service costs.
  3. Provide an unparalleled customer onboarding experience.
  4. Cross-sell, up-sell and bring your Amazon customers directly to your website.

Ready to get data of your Amazon customers?

Leading e-commerce brands are using product registration software like Dyrect to collect first-party data and connect with all their Amazon customers.

Dyrect has enabled marketing teams of leading brands to access first-party data, with a data acquisition rate as high as 40%. Click here to know how Dyrect helps brands gather customer data. To know how Dyrect can help you collect first-party customer data, book a demo with our solution experts here.