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Belkin International, Inc., a global leader in networking and consumer electronics, is headquartered in El Segundo, California. It produces networking, mobile, and computer peripherals for both consumer and commercial use. These include docking stations and data hubs, wireless chargers, power banks, charging cables, data cables, audio and video adapters, smart speakers, headphones, earbuds, screen protectors, surge protectors, Wi-Fi routers, smart home products, electronic device sanitizers, network switches, KVM switches, and network cables.


Warranty Registration Process

Here’s the process to register for the warranty of a Belkin product.

  • Visit
  • Click on Register a Product after hovering your mouse over Support.
  • Type the name of your product or its model number in the box given, then, if it displays, click on the name of your device. Where can I get my model number? if you are unsure of the Belkin product's model number.
  • You can also go to Select Product Category and look for your product there using the available categories.
  • Type in your Belkin product's information and click Register Product.
  • You will see the notice listed below as soon as the product registration is successful.



Warranty Policy

A 90-day No-Hassle return policy is offered on all direct purchases made on Any Belkin product purchased from may be returned to Belkin for a refund or replacement, regardless of the cause.

To start the return procedure, go to Only purchases made on within 90 days of the original purchase are eligible for returns. You must have a legitimate order number.


Warranty Claim Process

Follow these steps to file claim:

1. Customers can register their purchases at‍

2. The customer contacts Belkin by Phone, Facebook, or Twitter.  You can find further contact details at

3, To process a claim, original purchase documentation is necessary.

4. You will receive instructions from your Belkin Customer Service Representative on how to forward your receipt, your Belkin product, and how to handle your warranty claim.‍

5. If your warranty claim is successful, Belkin will replace the product with either a product that you can apply yourself using the provided Easy Align tray or a product that is similar to the products you replaced.  

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Warranty Frequently Asked Questions

What information do I need to register my product?

To register your Belkin product, you'll need the product's name or model number, along with your product's specific information.

Is product registration mandatory for warranty coverage?

While Belkin often encourages product registration to streamline the warranty claim process, warranty coverage typically begins from the date of purchase, whether or not you register the product.

How long is the warranty period for Belkin products?

The duration of the warranty can vary depending on the specific Belkin product. You can find detailed warranty information on the product packaging, in the user manual, or on Belkin's official website.

How can I check the status of my warranty claim?

To check the status of your warranty claim, you can connect with Belkin's customer support. They can provide updates on the progress of your claim.

Can I transfer the warranty to someone else?

The ability to transfer the warranty to someone else might depend on the terms and conditions of the warranty. It's advisable to review the warranty documentation or contact Belkin's customer support for specific information on warranty transfers.

Can I register multiple products under the same account?

Yes, you can often register multiple products under the same account on Belkin's website. This can help you manage your products and warranty information conveniently.

Is the warranty international?

The international coverage of Belkin's warranty can vary based on the product and location. It's best to refer to the warranty documentation or Belkin's official website for information about international warranty coverage.

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