Claims & Service Ticketing

Track, monitor, and manage all the claim tickets efficiently and optimize warranty claim processes

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Managing Claim Tickets were never this Easy!

We understand claim management is difficult but we make things easy for you and that's what we're known for. Experience easy ticket management with Dyrect!

What Your Brand Should Look in Claims & Service Ticketing

Quick and Easy Claim Creation

Access the ticketing system directly within the Dyrect client portal.Search for claims by customer product serial number for effortless identification

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Clear Communication

Define claim priority (low, medium, high, urgent) for efficient allocation.Assign claims to specific team members for easy handling and automatic email notifications keep everyone informed

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Simplified Claim Tracking

Track the progress of each claim directly within the platform. Monitor claim status updates in real-time for informed decision-making.

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Enhanced CX

Offer a fast and convenient claim submission process for your customers.Ensure clear communication throughout the claim lifecycle.

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Improved Collaboration

Foster collaboration among team with clear claim management. Promote transparency and visibility into claim statuses for all parties involved.

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Reduced Errors

Minimize manual data entry and paperwork with Dyrect's digital ticketing system.Free up valuable time and resources for other business-critical tasks

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Perks Of Easy Claims & Service Ticketing!

All the tools you need to grow and interact with your mobile-first audience.

Easy Claim Monitoring.

Foster trust through real-time claim updates and transparent monitoring. Ensure seamless customer communication with an efficient claim monitoring and portal and integrated messaging system.

Popular Capability:
Real-time communication
Set an efficient claim ticketing infrastructure
Build trust & loyalty
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Improve Efficiency With Simplified Workflow

Automate repetitive tasks within the claim process, streamlining workflows and boosting efficiency. Foster seamless team collaboration for a faster claim resolution.

Popular Capability:
Estimate & Invoice Management
Simplified Workflows
Efficient SLA management
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Collaborative Ticketing!

Facilitate seamless team collaboration for efficient claim resolution and enhance customer support experiences with improved transparency and communication.

Popular Capability:
Improve Team Collaboration
Multiple teams work on each claim to improve efficiency
Streamline chargebacks
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Why 100s of brands trust us?

"They have helped us a big way in implementing paperless warranty solutions for our brand. They have great technology, and the implementation & integration set up was really quick"


Executive Director, Syska LED Lights

"We were looking for a technically strong solution, and Dryect certainly stood up to our requirements. It eased consumer interactions and automated the warranty claims process."


CEO, Flo Mattress

"Our after-sales support team loves Dyrect, & uses the software to manage all our warranties & customer communication. The best part is they provide a ready-to-use application for our customers to view their product warranties."


Co-Founder, Cockatoo

"The solution is very useful in getting the customer to register and avail warranty, and also it's very easy for us as sellers to monitor the warranty registrations and claims."


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