Serial Number Validation

Our solution helps you verify the serial numbers, which ensures you're not entertaining any duplicate products

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Understanding Serial Number Validation: What's It All About?

Serial Number Validation ensures the authenticity of a product by verifying its unique identification code. By validating serial numbers, brands can prevent counterfeiting and provide customers with the confidence that they are purchasing genuine, authorized products.

What Your Brand Should Look in Serial Number Validation

Safeguard Your Products

Smooth incorporation of digitized warranty cards into your existing workflow for improved operational efficiency.

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Improve Brand Reputation

Choose a digitized warranty card solution that can adapt and grow with your business needs. And we grow with you at all times!            

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Save Time And Resources

Digitized warranty cards take no time. As soon as customers fills out the registration forms, they reciev the warranty cards in their email/ SMS/or WhatsApp inbox

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Build Loyal Customer

With digitized warranty cards, you not only help your customers but also get reliable first-party data directly from the end users.

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24*7 AI Monitoring

Customers love brands with the best after-sales services. Be that brand to them and see how trust grows and they become your repeat buyers

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Real-Time Updates

Real-time updates on warranty status, ensuring customers have the most accurate and up-to-date information

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Perks of Serial Number Validation!

All the tools you need to grow and interact with your mobile-first audience.

Protect, Acquire & Engage.

Generate unique serial numbers with ease using various methods from serialized codes, random codes, to importing your Serial Numbers. Streamline product identification by printing QR codes directly on packaging.

Popular Capability:
Flexible Serial Number Generation
Enhanced Product Tracking
Easy access to warranty forms with QR.
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Users Get A Self-Service Portal.

Empower customers with a self-service portal to scan product codes or input details directly on your website. Simplify key interactions like warranty registration, loyalty program management, and secure authentication.

Popular Capability:
Efficient Customer Interactions
Reduced Workload
Improved Accuracy
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Track and trace your products!

Track the complete journey of your product, from the first scan of QR code, to customers registering for claims. You get the data at every stage making the process effective, and a great tool for improved decision making.

Popular Capability:
Enhanced Transparency
Improved Quality Control
Data-Driven Decisions
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"Our after-sales support team loves Dyrect, & uses the software to manage all our warranties & customer communication. The best part is they provide a ready-to-use application for our customers to view their product warranties."


Co-Founder, Cockatoo

"The solution is very useful in getting the customer to register and avail warranty, and also it's very easy for us as sellers to monitor the warranty registrations and claims."


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