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HomeServe is a prominent provider of home repair service plans, specializing in offering coverage for various household systems and appliances. With a focus on providing peace of mind to homeowners, the company facilitates protection against unexpected repair costs by delivering comprehensive warranty options. HomeServe's services typically include coverage for plumbing, electrical, heating, and cooling systems. The company aims to meet the diverse needs of homeowners by offering customizable plans tailored to specific areas of their homes. Renowned for its commitment to customer satisfaction, HomeServe has established itself as a trusted partner in home protection and maintenance.

Home Serve

Warranty Registration Process

You can register your home appliances with Homeserve Home Warranty by following these steps:

1. Visit https://www.homeserve.com/en-us/

2. Enter your zip code, and click “Shop Now”

3. Choose your homeserve home warranty  from the given options – exterior water service line, exterior sewer septic line, home plumbing & drainage, tech protection essential, or tech protection premier.

4. Click on the warranty plan you are interested in and it will show you the complete details of the warranty

5. Read about the warranty policy and click on “Add to Cart”

6. Click “Proceed to Checkout”

7. Confirm your “checkout”

8. Enter you payment details and click on “Buy”

9. Yay! You’ve successfully registered your product for homeserve home warranty.

Home Serve

Warranty Policy

Homeserve Home Warranty Offers these warranties that will help you secure all the appliances in one go:

Home Plumbing & Drainage Coverage:

Home Plumbing & Drainage coverage offers peace of mind by safeguarding you from the financial burden of water service line and sewer/septic line issues. With an average replacement cost of $2,832‡ for water service lines and $5,754‡ for sewer/septic lines, homeowners can avoid unexpected expenses. This coverage includes repairs performed by licensed and insured plumbers, covering issues like visible water leaks, basement water leaks, clogged drains, and sewage backups. Eligible homeowners, owning both the residential structure and its land, can benefit from this comprehensive plan, with no charge for covered repairs up to the service call benefit amount.

Tech Protection Essential:

For the tech-savvy homeowner, our Tech Protection Essential plan at $11.99/mo. provides coverage for up to three consumer electronics, including flat screen TVs, personal computers, and tablet computers. This plan ensures financial assistance in repairing or replacing these essential devices, offering peace of mind against accidental damages. Eligibility is open to owners or renters of residential properties, excluding those used for commercial purposes. While the plan covers a wide array of electronic mishaps, certain exclusions such as losses from accidents, theft, and pre-existing conditions are outlined in the terms and conditions for clarity.

Tech Protection Premier:

For a more comprehensive electronics protection solution, our Tech Protection Premier plan, priced at $17.99/mo., extends coverage to cell phones in addition to flat screen TVs, personal computers, and tablet computers. Aimed at homeowners or renters of residential properties, this plan provides coverage for up to three consumer electronics against accidental damages. Similar to Tech Protection Essential, exclusions apply, safeguarding against losses caused by accidents, theft, negligence, and other specified conditions. This plan caters to the everyday reliance on electronic devices, ensuring that breakdowns don't disrupt daily life.

Home Serve

Warranty Claim Process

Follow the given steps to claim your warranty:

1. Visit https://www.homeserve.com/en-us/

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Contact Us”

3. Click “File A Claim”

4. Choose the reason of your contact

5. Enter your name, email address, phone number, address.

6. Enter more information about the damage in the “message box”

7. Click “submit’

8. Your claim will be initiated and the customer support team will contact you with the further process.

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Customer Support Info

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Warranty Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for a HomeServe home warranty?

Visit https://www.homeserve.com/en-us/

Enter your zip code, click "Shop Now," and select your desired warranty.

Click on the chosen plan, review details, and click "Add to Cart."

Proceed to Checkout, confirm your details, enter payment information, and click "Buy."

2. What should I do if I need to file a claim with HomeServe?

Visit https://www.homeserve.com/en-us/

Scroll to the bottom, click "Contact Us," and select "File A Claim."

Choose the reason for contact, provide personal details, and describe the damage.

Click "Submit," and HomeServe's customer support will guide you through the claim process.

3. Can you explain the coverage under the Home Plumbing & Drainage Plan?

The plan covers water service line and sewer/septic line issues. It includes repairs by licensed plumbers for leaks, clogs, and backups. No charge for covered repairs up to the service call benefit amount.

4. What does the Home Plumbing & Drainage Plan cost?

Priced at $21.98/mo., the plan covers clearing clogged lines, snaking drains, and more.

5. Tell me about Tech Protection Essential. What devices does it cover?

Priced at $11.99/mo., it covers up to three electronics like flat screen TVs and computers.

Provides financial assistance for repairing or replacing essential devices.

6. How is Tech Protection Premier different from Tech Protection Essential?

Priced at $17.99/mo., it extends coverage to cell phones in addition to TVs and computers.

Covers up to three electronics against accidental damages, with similar exclusions.

7. Who is eligible for Tech Protection plans, and what exclusions apply?

Owners or renters of residential properties are eligible.

Exclusions include losses from accidents, theft, negligence, and pre-existing conditions.

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