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PureGear is a reputable company specializing in mobile accessories and device protection solutions. They offer a diverse range of high-quality smartphone cases, screen protectors, chargers, and cables designed to enhance and safeguard mobile devices. Known for their innovation and durability, PureGear products cater to various smartphones and tablets, ensuring both style and functionality for users. With a focus on customer satisfaction, PureGear is a popular choice among consumers seeking reliable and stylish accessories for their mobile devices.

Pure Gear

Warranty Registration Process

Registering for Puregear warranty is very simple. You can do so by following these steps:

1. Visit https://www.pure-gear.com/

2. Click “support”

3. Choose “Pure pledge Resgitration” from the dropdown menu

4. Read about the registration policy

5. Enter the details of your pure pledge product 

6. Click on “submit” and your product will be submitted


Pure Gear

Warranty Policy

To qualify for the Pure Pledge Program, it is essential to complete the registration process within 30 days of your device purchase. Once you have successfully registered, the program offers reimbursement for the repair of your damaged device screen. The reimbursement amount is determined based on the value of your initial purchase, with options of up to $100, $150, or $200. Ensuring timely registration is crucial to take advantage of this valuable benefit, allowing you to have your broken device screen repaired with financial assistance from the program.

Pure Gear

Warranty Claim Process

You can claim Puregear warranty easily by following these steps:

1. Visit https://warranty2.pure-gear.com/forms/warrantyclaim/

2. You will have to fill the warranty claim form from this page.

3. Enter the relevant information

4. Read the details about warranty claiming

5. Click “Submit”

6. And you warranty claim will be initiated

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Customer Support Info

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Warranty Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I claim Puregear warranty for my device?

You can easily claim Puregear warranty by visiting https://warranty2.pure-gear.com/forms/warrantyclaim/ and filling out the warranty claim form. Make sure to provide the relevant information and click "submit" to initiate your warranty claim.

2. What is the process for registering my Puregear product for warranty?

To register your Puregear product for warranty, visit https://www.pure-gear.com/, click on "support," choose "Pure Pledge Registration" from the dropdown menu, read the registration policy, enter your product details, and click "submit." Your product will be successfully registered.

3. What is the Pure Pledge Program and what does it offer?

The Pure Pledge Program provides reimbursement for the repair of your damaged device screen. To qualify, you need to complete the registration process within 30 days of your device purchase. The reimbursement amount is determined based on your initial purchase value, offering options of up to $100, $150, or $200.

4. Is there a time limit for registering my device under the Pure Pledge Program?

Yes, it's crucial to complete the registration process within 30 days of your device purchase to qualify for the Pure Pledge Program and its reimbursement benefits.

5. What makes PurePledge a reputable brand in device protection?

PurePledge is known for its commitment to customer satisfaction and device protection. The brand offers innovative programs, timely support, and efficient services. Their focus on hassle-free experiences and high-quality assistance has made them a trusted choice in the tech industry.

6. Can I claim warranty reimbursement for damages other than the device screen?

The Pure Pledge Program specifically offers reimbursement for the repair of damaged device screens. Other types of damages may not be covered under this program.

7. How can I contact Puregear customer support for further assistance?

For additional assistance, you can visit the Puregear website and navigate to the "support" section for relevant contact information or reach out to their customer support team through the provided channels for prompt help and guidance.

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