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Razer is a leading global lifestyle brand for gamers, renowned for its high-performance gaming hardware, software, and services. Established in 2005, the company has gained a strong reputation for creating cutting-edge gaming peripherals such as gaming mice, keyboards, headsets, and laptops, designed specifically to enhance the gaming experience. Razer is also known for its innovative software platforms, including Razer Synapse, which allows gamers to customize their gaming devices. The company's dedication to innovation and quality has made it a favorite among gamers worldwide, making Razer a prominent name in the gaming industry.


Warranty Registration Process

Follow the given steps and register your product Razer warranty

1. Visit https://www.razer.com/

2. Scroll to the bottom of the home page of Razer

3. Click “Registration & Warranty”

4. Login to the Razer account with your credentials

5. If you are visiting the page fro the first time. Create an account

6. Once you’ve logged in, click “Register My product”

7. Enter your product’s serial no., product number, date of purchase, place of purchase, and a proof of purchase like the receipt of purchase.

8. Click “Next”

9. Enter your personal information.

10. Click “Submit”

And your Razer product will be registered in no time.


Warranty Policy

At PurePledge, they understand the importance of providing reliable warranty support to their customers. Limited Warranty policy ensures that you receive the necessary assistance and coverage for your purchased products. The duration of the warranty period varies based on the specific product you own. Here are some key details:

  • Razer Laptops: For models from 2021 and older, the warranty period is 1 year, while 2022 and newer models are covered for 1 year. Additionally, there's a 2-year limited battery warranty.
  • Razer Mice: Enjoy 2 years of warranty coverage for Razer mice.
  • Razer Keyboards and Keypads: These products are covered for 2 years.
  • Razer Gaming Chairs: Experience peace of mind with a 3-year warranty for Razer gaming chairs. The chair frame, mechanisms, and armrests are covered for up to 5 years.

Please note that all new products adhere to the specified warranty periods, as outlined above, and this coverage is subject to applicable local laws. In the case of certain "end of life" or discontinued products, a shorter warranty period may apply, clearly marked at the time of purchase. Additionally, please be aware that third-party products are subject to their respective manufacturers' warranty terms, and for support regarding these products, we recommend contacting the product manufacturer directly. Your satisfaction and confidence in the warranty support are of utmost importance, and they strive to provide comprehensive assistance for all your PurePledge products.


Warranty Claim Process

When it comes to Razer's warranty policy, it's essential to follow the correct procedures based on where you purchased your product. If you acquired your Razer product through a Razer reseller, your first point of contact for warranty claims should be the reseller itself. However, if your reseller is located in the United States, they can only assist with warranty claims for up to 30 days from your purchase date. If your purchase was made directly through Razer's official website, www.razer.com, or if returning the product to the reseller isn't feasible, the following steps should be followed:

1. Visit support.razer.com/contact-us/ to acquire a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA Number) and the Razer support address.

2. Clearly display the obtained RMA Number on the exterior of the package.

3. Include a Valid Proof of Purchase along with a detailed explanation for the return within the package (for examples of a Valid Proof of Purchase, visit www.razer.com/warranty).

4. Dispatch the product, along with the RMA Number and Valid Proof of Purchase, to the Razer support address provided by Razer's customer support.

Razer's warranty policy ensures a smooth process for addressing product-related concerns, depending on your purchase source, and aims to provide efficient solutions to meet your needs.

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Warranty Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I register my Razer product for warranty?

You can Register for Razer Warranty by following these steps:

  • Visit Razer's official website at https://www.razer.com/.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the home page and click on "Registration & Warranty."
  • Log in to your Razer account or create one if it's your first visit.
  • Click on "Register My Product" and provide your product's details and proof of purchase.
  • Complete the process by entering your personal information and clicking "Submit."

2. What is the warranty coverage for Razer laptops?

Razer laptops from 2021 and older have a 1-year warranty, while 2022 and newer models are covered for 1 year. There's also a 2-year limited battery warranty.

3. How long is the warranty period for Razer mice, keyboards, and keypads?

Razer mice have a 2-year warranty, and keyboards, as well as keypads, are covered for 2 years as well.

4. What is the warranty duration for Razer gaming chairs?

Razer gaming chairs come with a 3-year warranty, covering the chair frame, mechanisms, and armrests for up to 5 years.

5. Where should I go for warranty claims if I purchased my Razer product from an official Razer reseller?

If you bought your product from a Razer reseller, contact the reseller for warranty claims within 30 days of purchase.

6. How can I initiate a warranty claim for products purchased directly from Razer's official website?

  • Visit support.razer.com/contact-us/ to get an RMA Number and Razer support address.
  • Clearly display the RMA Number on the package, include a Valid Proof of Purchase, and a detailed explanation for the return.
  • Send the product, along with the required documents, to the provided Razer support address.

7. Is third-party product warranty handled by Razer?

No, third-party products are subject to their respective manufacturers' warranty terms. For support regarding these products, contact the product manufacturer directly.

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