Product Serialization for Manufacturing

Serialize your Products to Grow your business using
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Product Serialization solution for Manufacturing

Bring more reliability in Business

Serialization is the unique identification of every item (products, cartons or bottles).
Each item manufactured is assigned a universal unique ID and a QR code is physically marked on the product packaging.

Product Serialization solution that enhances customer experience

Most Advanced Serial Generator

Dyrect Provides one of the most advanced serial generator.
Generate codes as per the business requirements. Be it incremental or random.

Customer Ownership

Collect First Party data. and deliver personalized engagement to convert them into repeat buyers.

Drive traffic to eCommerce

Send buyers from third party channels to your Sales Channel.

Create Custom Experience

Bring your existing Sr. No.'s and import into Dyrect to generate QR codes.

Batch Level Management

It can be challenging to maintain codes at item level. Manage it at production batch / lot level.

Track Product Lifecycle

Track the end to end product lifecycle of the products.
Starting from Manufacturing till Sales

Non Guessable

Generate Serial Number which can’t be guessed by the counterfeits.

Serialize your Products
to Protect, Acquire & Engage

All in one product Serialization Generator

All in one Serialization Generator

Generating and Managing Serial codes as per the business needs can be daunting. Every business has a different needs.
Dyrect’s scalable platform provides brands flexibility to generate these codes in multiple formats be it Serialized, or Random or upload your existing serial codes in the system.

Drive Consumer Engagement

Let your customers yours engage with your brand products using the serialized QR codes from our platform.

This will:
☑️ Drive higher customer engagement.
☑️ Enable more digital touchpoints.
☑️ Ways to upsell/cross sell.
☑️ High Customer NPS.

Drive Consumer Engagement with product serialization solution
product serialization solution that delivers multiple solutions

One Code - Multiple Solutions

We believe there shouldn’t be a need of multiple codes on a product. Why to confuse your customers, if we can enable different business outcomes using the same QR code. Dyrect enables business outcomes using the same code, be it

☑️ Product Registration
☑️ Consumer Reward Program
☑️ Channel Loyalty Program and more…

Helping 100s of brands drive eCommerce Revenue

Don't take our word for it.

We not only help increase Registrations but also helps in delightful Post Sales experience.


Consumers Connected

Upto 28%

increase in repeat sales


Product Registration than
any other system