Dyrect Slashes Reporting Time by 90%, Empowering Daiki Axis for Data-Driven Growth.

"Dyrect's solution cuts manual reporting time by 90%, from 2 hours to 20 minutes, letting engineers focus on site visits. Its digital tools and data management empower Daiki Axis for efficient service and data-driven growth.”
Prahlad Gadkari
AGM, Daiki Axis India


Dyrect helped Daiki Axis in streamlining their end to end Warranty & Service Management, improving the efficiency of their field servicing staff, and making  customers happier. It's like a super effective partnership which shows how to succeed in this customer-centric industry.

Dyrect doesn't just save time, it empowers better decision-making. ”

About Daiki Axis

Daiki Axis is a leading Japanese company specializing in environmental technology solutions. The company is renowned for its innovative wastewater treatment systems, including the Johkasou systems widely used in Japan and globally. 

Daiki Axis also focuses on renewable energy projects and sustainable infrastructure, contributing significantly to environmental conservation and sustainable development efforts. Their commitment to quality and innovation has positioned them as a key player in the green technology sector.

In addition to their core offerings, Daiki Axis invests heavily in research and development to stay at the forefront of technological advancements. Through strategic partnerships and continuous improvement, Daiki Axis remains dedicated to creating a cleaner, more sustainable future.


As a Global brand, Daiki faced multiple challenges from not having a stable service structure that helps in automating the process leading to less errors to the service engineering spending hours on manual work.

Some of the core challenges faced by the Daiki Axis were:

  1. Serialization: Serial numbers are created in an spreadsheet, and was difficult to manage.
  2. Manual Reporting Process: Time-consuming and inconsistent, requiring up to 2 hours per report per site visit.
  3. Data Accessibility and Validation: Difficult for higher authorities to cross-verify data, leading to inefficiencies.
  4. Lack of Management Information System (MIS): Inaccessible data hampers business insights, strategic planning, and R&D.
  5. Resource Intensity: High resource and cost demands due to manual and repetitive tasks.
  6. Lack of Infrastructure: Lack of proper tools to plan and structure optimum utilization of its engineers, led to repeated visits to the same region for different projects, resulting in cost inefficiency and manpower wastage.

Why did they choose Dyrect?

Daiki Axis chose Dyrect to transform its service and maintenance operations due to several important reasons:

  • Comprehensive Solution

Dyrect provided a holistic approach that addressed all major challenges Daiki Axis faced. From automating service ticket generation to implementing a robust digital reporting system, Dyrect's solutions covered every aspect of the service process, ensuring no part of the workflow was left unsupported.

  • Efficiency and Time Savings

The promise of significantly reducing report generation time from 2 hours to just 20 minutes was a major factor. Additionally, the streamlined approval process reduced validation times from hours to just 10 minutes, enabling Daiki Axis to improve overall productivity and focus more on strategic activities.

  • Enhanced Data Management

Dyrect’s centralized data management system offered easy access to all service reports and related data. This not only simplified the data validation process but also provided a reliable MIS for strategic planning, business insights, and R&D purposes.

  • User-Friendly Digital Tools

The digital tools provided by Dyrect, including the service report forms and automated workflows, were designed to be intuitive and easy to use. This minimized the learning curve for Daiki Axis’s service engineers and ensured a smooth transition from manual to digital processes.

  • Focus on Long-Term Benefits

Beyond immediate efficiency gains, Dyrect’s system provided long-term benefits such as improved business efficiency, enhanced R&D capabilities, and better strategic planning. The ability to generate detailed MIS reports and gather comprehensive data insights was crucial for Daiki Axis’s long-term growth and innovation.

  • Improve Accountability

Unique logins and activity tracking have increased accountability among service engineers, ensuring that each task is tracked and completed promptly.

  • Streamline Communication

The HO's ability to review and provide feedback on service reports has improved communication and collaboration between the service team and management to ensure achieve common goals

Solution Workflow

Daiki implemented a solution that was simple, easy to follow, and efficient. The workflow chart illustrates the process from project deployment to service maintenance reporting of Daiki Axis.

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