53% increase in retailers' reach in JUST 2 Months was no less than a dream for us! Reached 290 cities, & registered 400+ new retailers.

“ Within a mere two months, we witnessed an incredible 45% onboarding of buyers, a testament to the program's effectiveness in engaging and resonating with our valued customers. The positive impact on brand visibility and sales growth has truly exceeded our expectations. “
Shruti Salve
Brand and Marketing Communications Lead


53% increase in retailers' reach in JUST 2 Months was no less than a dream for us! -- Team Norton

Yes we know it is a crazy number but we made a historical increase in our reach through the Dyrect’s loyalty program and onboarded 1300 retailers in JUST 2 months. Reached 290 cities, registered 400+ new retailers, and so much more.

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About Norton Abrasives

Norton Abrasives, a renowned brand under the Saint-Gobain Abrasives umbrella, is a global leader in the production of high-quality abrasive solutions. With an experience of over 65 years, Norton is recognized for its diverse range of products, including sandpaper, grinding wheels, and diamond blades.


  • Absolutely no direct contact with their retailers or anyone selling Norton Abrasives
  • Not being able to create customer relationships that adds value
  • Limited reach to their customers as there were so many small retailers who were not registered in the company’s record

Why a Loyalty Program?

Norton Abrasives, a long-standing symbol of quality and reliability, wanted to solve these challenges through a loyalty program, but the reasons behind is something we should learn:

  • Building Customer Loyalty: A loyalty program will add some value in the customers lives and make them feel valued. This aspect often influences users and turn them into loyal customers
  • Direct Connection with Influencers and Retailers: Through this solution, retailers and other small sellers were able to directly scan the QR code and get connected with the company without any intermediary whatsoever. 
  • Creating Targeted Marketing Campaigns: It will also create some of the best marketing campaigns that attract users and notify them about the promotional activities.
  • Wider Reach: Norton Abrasives aimed to broaden their customer base and gather insights into their diverse customer demographics.

Reasons for choosing Dyrect!

Dyrect has served 100+ brands and managed to create 3x more registrations with its solutions, while Norton Abrasives, is a big name in the abrasives industry. So there was nothing better than this combination and you will know the reasons now:

Loyalty Program Magic:

Dyrect's loyalty solutions are known for their unique charm, keeping existing users happy and boosting repeat sales.

Creativity Meets Relevance:

Norton Abrasives wanted a loyalty program that's both creative and hits the right chords. Dyrect nailed it by delivering a campaign related to the ICC World Cup 2023 that resonates with the masses.

Spot-on User Verification:

In the registration process, they needed to check if each user was already in the sales database. Dyrect made sure to handle this verification seamlessly.

What did they get from this program?

Let's dive into the heart of this campaign and how it fits Norton Abrasives. 

  • This campaign was all about riding the World Cup excitement, especially in cricket-crazy India, and it worked like magic.

Watch Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Uq7JwgUbLY

  • QR Code on Packaging: A QR code was right there on the Norton Abrasives product box, easily visible even on the store shelves.
  • Registration Form: Buyers just needed to scan the code and fill out a simple form with details like personal and business information.
  • Scoring Runs: Each scan earned buyers runs, reflected in their dashboard. Upon hitting a century (100 runs), they could redeem them.
  • Redeeming Runs – Coupons or UPI: After the World Cup fever, the most exciting part awaited the buyers – redeeming their runs in two ways: Coupons or UPI bank transfer.
  • Coupons: Croma, Amazon, Zomato, and BookMyShow offered a variety of coupons. Buyers could choose what they wanted and redeem their runs.
  • UPI Bank Transfer: Alternatively, they could easily transfer their runs to their UPI account by adding their UPI ID.

What was the Outcome of all this:

  • Onboarding Buyers: The loyalty program quickly captured buyers' interest, leading to a 53% increase in registrations within just 2 months.
  • First-Party Data Boost: Norton Abrasives gained direct access to essential first-party data, of 1300 retailers where we got information of about 450 new retailers who buyed for the very first time
  • Increased Sales: Leveraging this data effectively, the company targeted the right audience, resulting in a significant boost in sales. This program also showed us the popularity of each product in their respective regions that made our marketing much stronger for the upcoming year.
  • Better Brand Visibility: The loyalty program, featuring a hot topic and  enticing rewards, significantly improved brand visibility. A circulated YouTube video further created brand awareness, making it easily recognizable on store shelves.
  • Increased Engagement: By making buyers feel valued, Norton Abrasives fostered reciprocal engagement. Buyers not only appreciated the brand's efforts but also shared their positive experiences with peers.
  • Effective Marketing Campaigns: Norton ensured the creation of top-notch marketing campaigns, successfully attracting new customers and retaining existing ones.

“Loyalty isn't just a program; it's the key to unlocking lasting connections and brand success.”

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