How Dyrect's Warranty Infrastructure Fueled Growth for R for Rabbit?

"Sometimes even the simplest service gets too complicated but Dyrect’s Team made sure our problem of having a great warranty infrastructure gets resolved in the best way possible and in the most efficient manner. And that is something we loved about the Company."
Mit Thakkar
Head of D2C at R for Rabbit


Having a smooth warranty registration system in place allows us to manage our data efficiently and integrate APIs without any additional tools. And Dyrect delivered exactly that!

These were the words of R for Rabbit, an Indian brand known for their robust line of kids' products, from strollers to robotic cradles. Read more to learn about the challenges faced by the brand, how they were resolved, and what the head of D2C has to say about Dyrect's services.

“Effective systems ensure that nothing is left to chance and that customers get what they want and expect every time."

About R For Rabbit

R for Rabbit is an Indian-brand known for crafting quality baby products like strollers, car seats, and high chairs. They focus on safety and comfort, making life easier for parents while ensuring little ones are well-taken care of. Many parents appreciate their user-friendly designs and commitment to quality, making R for Rabbit a trusted name in the baby gear industry.

Renowned for their commitment to safety and comfort, R for Rabbit designs products that cater to the needs of both parents and children. With a focus on combining functionality with modern aesthetics, the brand has become a trusted name for families seeking reliable and stylish solutions for their little ones.

Challenges of The Brand!

The team at R for Rabbit clearly understood their challenges and knew exactly what they needed to overcome them.

1. They sought a top-notch warranty system for their customers, aiming to create a platform where customers could effortlessly register their products for warranty by providing basic details. This seamless process would enhance the customer experience and ensure efficient management of warranty claims.

2. Not everyone desires a different QR code for each product, and this was precisely the situation with R for Rabbit. They wanted a standardized code that would direct their customers to a unified warranty page, simplifying the process and ensuring consistency across all their products. This approach not only streamlined the registration process but also reinforced their commitment to providing excellent customer service.

Warranty Form of R for Rabbit

But Why Dyrect And Not Some Other Form Builder?

Dyrect has been in the business for so long and has a reputation of serving 100 + brands that helps brand like R for Rabbit make a clear mind of whether they want 3x more signups or just a warranty system.

  • They didn't just wanted a warranty registration form but also a dedicated system where they could track their customers and also have a clear understanding about each of their products' popularity.
  • Data analytics was one of their motives behind creating this warranty registration with Dyrect – and they got exactly the same. An appealing yet simple platform that clearly shows the data which will help them in targeting customers with the product they actually want.
  • And who does not want to showcase itself as an authentic and reliable brand? R for rabbit was no different, they wanted to show their customers about their reliability and how they could come back every time they wanted something for their kids.

Dyrect checked all the boxes, and helped R for rabbit establish a reliable warranty infrastructure for all their warranty needs, and helping them improve their cross-selling and upselling game alongwith 3x better revenues.

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