Briggs & Riley increased their email and phone Subscribers by 30% with Dyrect

Dyrect's warranty registration solution has been a game-changer in improving our registration by 30%, resulting in a 110% increase in customer engagement and participation of our Retail Customers.


Dyrect helped Briggs & Riley climb higher, making Warranty Registrations better and making customers happier. It's like a super effective partnership which shows how to succeed in this customer-centric industry.

About Briggs & Riley

Briggs & Riley is a modern travelware brand built on a rich legacy of innovation, performance, and dedication to the art of travel. For 30 years, we’ve continually raised the bar for luggage with our unrivalled quality and thoughtful, travel-ready features. 

The brand's obsession with customer experience is a driving force behind its success. As one of the leading names in the travel industry, Briggs & Riley continually strives to exceed expectations, reflecting their belief that every journey should be as exceptional as the destination itself. 

Excellence is not just a goal; it’s our standard, it echoes through the company's commitment to providing unparalleled service. ”


Briggs & Riley is an omni-channel brand with their products sold through offline retail and through their D2C website. And their products come with a promise of lifetime warranty with them.

So they early on realised to have a warranty registration system in place, which helps them to:

  • Own your offline Retail customers.
  • Reduce CAC & Acquisition cost.
  • Collect Feedback
  •  Upsell/Cross-sell their other product lines.

Hence, they built a custom Warranty Registration form on their website. However, as they grew, they faced many challenges with this system. 

  • Low Registrations: With their previous solution, customers had to create an account on their Shopify store in order to register. Leading to a lot of customer drop-off.
  • Poor Customer Experience: Briggs & Riley lacked a seamless post-purchase registration experience to their customers. 
  • Integration with Marketing systems: Their custom build system was not able to integrate with their email and SMS marketing automation tools.
  • Lack of flexibility: Since it was a custom-built software, it was expensive and difficult to customise.

Why did they choose Dyrect?

During their process of Customer Experience Revamp, they started to look for a more robust and flexible solution, which is easy to manage and customise, and enable a superior experience for their customers. And they found a perfect partner with Dyrect for these needs.

With Dyrect’s Post Purchase Experience implementation, Briggs & Riley is able to: 

  • Increased Warranty Registrations : With Dyrect’s seamless Warranty Registration Process, their users can now seamlessly register the warranty without signing up into their Shopify store leading to more Registrations
  • Improved User Experience: Now Briggs & Riley customers not only can register the Warranties, but also manage all their registered products from a single place.
  • Targeted Marketing Campaigns: Briggs & Riley use Klaviyo for their email communication & Attentive for text communication.

With Dyrect’s integration, now users registered via Warranty Registration are subscribed and added into the respective lists of Klaviyo & Attentive. Allowing to run automated campaigns to delight customers & allowing the brand to upsell and cross sell products to these unknown customers before.

  • Centralised Warranty CRM: Dyrect is the central Warranty CRM from Marketing teams to Customer Support teams. Improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Easy to Customise: With the Dynamic easy to customise Warranty CRM, now Briggs & Riley are able to adapt to the needs to the fast changing needs of the customers and business.
  • One Platform across Multiple Brands: Briggs & Riley operate across US and UK markets and have a sister brand Solo. With Dyrect’s enterprise grade features, the brand will manage all of their brands under a single platform. 

Registration Experience of Briggs & Riley.

Seamless production registration experience that allows users to:

  • Register their products
  • Provide consent to Marketing/ Promotional emails/ text messages.
  • Manage their Registered Products

Briggs & Riley's Product Registration Application

Solution Workflow

Dyrect’s end to end solution integrates with the entire Warranty ecosystem of the brand from shopify (ecommerce) to their marketing tools (Klaviyo & Attentive).

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