IN2 was able to increase customers' LTV and streamline post-purchase experience

“ Dyrect's customer loyalty solution has been a game-changer in improving customer engagement, resulting in a 50% increase in customer engagement and participation. “
Jackie Inder Thadani
Director, IN2


After using Dyrect’s post-purchase engagement platform, IN2 Nutrition was able to increase customers' LTV and streamline post-purchase experience.

About IN2 Nutrition

IN2 is a sports & lifestyle nutrition company. Their vision is to encourage healthy lifestyle choices with innovative nutritional solutions that bring joy. Their mission is to develop and bring to market products that provide you with the edge you need in fitness and in life.

Serving more than 5 lakh happy customers all over India, IN2 aims to continually anticipate customer needs and bring innovative products to fuel them.

“Our focus on creating a complete and fulfilling experience for our customers separates us from the competition.”

Like every other Nutrition brand IN2 has also focused only on product improvements rather than the overall experience, the biggest threat of the nutrition industry is fake products where packaging can easily be copied. Such issues hampares the brand reputation thus loss of valuable user base:


For consumer retention and repeat sales first it is important to understand and know the consumers. With traditional marketing approaches this is not very difficult.

  • High CAC: With rising competition, the CAC on Meta, Google & other digital channels have gone up significantly, and is increasing exponentially, with the 
  • iOS 14+ Privacy update
  • Demise of 3rd Party Cookies in Google Chrome
  • Increased Privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA & more…
  • Low Retention: It is hard to acquire customers & even harder to retain & facilitate repeat sales.
  • No Stand out preposition: In2 was focused on product improvement however consumer experience was just the same as any traditional nutrition company which counted them one of many.
  • No Direct connection with consumers: With traditional marketing, they just holding on one way communication which as cost intense with lower returns.

Why did IN2 choose Dyrect?

Team IN2 started to look for solutions to these challenges & came across multiple solutions for loyalty as well as generic CRMs to marketing CRMs. Some of them were too complex to use, & others lacked the required features to deliver business outcomes. 

None of them could fulfil the needs. Their search ended when they first took the demo of the DYRECT platform keeping their business goals in mind.

With DYRECT, IN2 not only got an excellent post purchase platform but also exceptional support.


DYRECT helped them achieve their Business Goals:

IN2 used Dyrect system to simplify:

  • Product Verification: QR codes can be used to authenticate nutrition products, allowing consumers to verify their authenticity. By scanning the QR code on the product packaging with a smartphone or a dedicated QR code reader, consumers can access information such as the manufacturer's details, production date, batch number, and other relevant product details.
  • Seamless Loyalty Program & User Experience: QR codes offer a convenient and user-friendly way for customers to participate in loyalty programs. Customers can easily scan the QR code with their smartphones, eliminating the need for physical cards or key tags. This streamlined process enhances the overall user experience and encourages greater participation.
  • Efficient Data Collection: QR-based loyalty programs enable businesses to collect valuable data on customer behaviour and preferences. Each time a customer scans a QR code, it provides insights into their purchase history, product preferences, and frequency of visits. This data can be utilised to personalise offers and promotions, improve product offerings, and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Enhanced Engagement and Interaction: QR codes can be used creatively to engage customers and encourage interaction with nutrition products. For example, scanning a QR code could unlock exclusive content such as nutritional information, recipes, or personalised meal plans. By offering additional value through QR interactions, businesses can deepen customer engagement and loyalty.
  • Targeted Marketing Campaigns: With the data collected through QR-based loyalty programs, businesses can segment customers based on their preferences and behaviours. This segmentation allows for the implementation of targeted marketing campaigns that deliver personalised offers, rewards, and recommendations. By tailoring marketing efforts to individual customer needs, businesses can increase customer retention and encourage repeat purchases.
  • Support & Feedback: All the customer queries & suggestions are now recorded in Dyrect which helps them to stay ahead of the competition.

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