Onboarding 12,000 + customers in just 6 months was NO JOKE for us at TORCH!

“At TORCH, we enjoy adding FUN and a bit of QUIRK to our products. When customers connect with this feeling, that's when LOYALTY is created. Dyrect helped us connect these customers leading to 20% of customers coming back for more”
Zac Stern
Marketing Director


Onboarding 12,000 + customers in just 6 months was NO JOKE for us at TORCH! But when you work with the people best in business, everything seems to be achievable. Read on and know how we achieved this number with the best reward program we could have ever imagined for TORCH.

DYRECT - A Place Where Solutions actually meet your expectation

About Torch

The idea of TORCH was created when Collin and his friend were trying to find the lost piece of cannabis products that were majorly produced by the biggest corporations. It was soon realised that the missing part is not actually in the product but in the experience and it was the FUN of enjoying this time with your buddies and the existing companies are not at all serving this purpose. This led to the birth of Torch Cannabis and the rest is truly history - the most fun and quirky cannabis products that are fun and also give you an experience of a lifetime.

Challenges of Torch!

  • Though TORCH always had an amazing website in place, the majority of its sales was actually done through offline channels.
  • And as a result, knowing their customers wasn’t in the picture altogether. TORCH people didn’t know who their users were, where they are centred around demographically, and how often they buy from them.
  • On top of all this was the prohibition on marketing through google ads or facebook ads.
  • And to conquer all these problems, TORCH decided to have something in place that will add value in their customers lives and that’s when this idea striked.

Why a Reward Program?

A reward program or a loyalty program was something that could possibly solve the challenges TORCH was facing. Let’s see how it was possible:

  • Customers will receive some value when they register for the reward program and hence they will actually enjoy the process.
  • This step will solve the problem of not having enough information about the users
  • Once they have registered, they will receive the email and SMSs about all your promotional and marketing activities
  • By constantly seeing new and interesting products, they will actually want to see what the website has to offer
  • And if the quality and experience matches their expectations. You will be having a

Reasons for choosing Dyrect!

Dyrect has been in the business for so long and has a reputation of serving 100 + brands and help them with 3x times registrations compared to other system

  • A reward program that speaks for itself - and Dyrect is known for delivering exactly the same . We at Dyrect create solutions that are super user-friendly, exactly know what information to dig in, and how to cater to the target audience correctly.
  • Understand the pain points of TORCH - every brand wants to work with someone who actually understands the problems and challenges and offer solutions that are not actually off-the-shelf solutions but are custom made for their unique needs.
  • An appealing program - who doesn't want an appealing program for their brand? Of Course we like them, the reward system shouldn’t be boring and a task to do for customers. Instead it should have elements which will appeal and grab the attention quickly.

What did they get from this program?

  • A QR code on their packaging that users can scan and direct to the landing page
  • Landing page where users are directed as soon as they scan this code
  • Redeeming the loyalty reward points either through merch or giveaway

What was the Outcome of all this:

  • Whopping 12000+ customers on boarded in just 6 months
  • 40% Increase in the revenue in the last 4 months
  • Created some of the most loyal customers
  • Helped in upselling and cross selling

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