Kapila’s smart technological move that led to a 20% growth in repeat sales by onboarding more than 1 Lakh Farmers in just 9 months

“Dyrect's advanced Loyalty and Consumer Engagement solution has helped us to connect with our target audience quickly. Also, their Customer Success team ensured the program runs smoothly and was proactive in case we face any hiccup.”
Priyanka Wadhwa
Managing Partner

Kapila Agro Group is a leading cattle feed producer in India with a production capacity of 1600 MT cattle feed per day. 

With a network of over 800 distributors, dealers and C&F agents, Kapila is proud to be the market leader of high quality cattle feed in Northern  India.

Kapila’s Roadblocks To Potential Growth 

Kapila has a massive production and distribution network, spread Pan India and a reputation for the finest quality product. Their challenges were similar to what most growing businesses would relate to -

Creating Awareness Of The Need

The challenge was to educate the farmers about the benefits of a higher quality cattle field over traditional options. Kapila was committed to help them but they needed to know ‘HOW’!

The Problem

The scheme posed difficult challenges that were causing delays in Reward Redemption. Kapila needed an easy solution to easily manage the Reward Program, create and implement flexible reward schemes and stay connected with the beneficiaries. A company’s credibility is uncompromisable and these schemes were Kapila’s way straight into their consumers’ hearts and minds, only when they were implemented with precision. 

Effectively Managing Company’s Wide Distribution Network

Kapila has a wide network involving distributors, retailers and end consumers.Business traceability over a wide network that extended to remote corners of the country was a primary challenge. 

The Problem

Every stakeholder is valuable and it’s crucial for a business to gain meaningful insight into their sale patterns, market share for effective business decisions. Kapila needed a simple yet highly effective way to keep track of their business and stay connected with the stakeholders at all levels.

Nurturing The Stakeholders

Kapila’s marketing team understood the value of nurturing their consumers and stakeholders. They had various discount and reward schemes in place to engage them. But it wasn’t easy to implement these schemes at such massive scale.

The Problem

Kapila wanted to reach out to the end consumer (the farmers) and engage with them at the most authentic level.The massive scale of consumers and their varied demographics was a challenge.


Kapila has a massive production and distribution network, spread Pan India. Their target consumers belong to remote corners of the country and have a highly varied demographic in terms of age, language and educational background. 

With a reputation for the finest quality produce and innovative leaders, they had all the ingredients to success, yet there were some challenges.

What Was Kapila Looking For

Engage Every Potential Consumer

Kapila fully understood the power of  ‘Consumer Engagement’ and connection.They needed a simple way to reach out to every potential consumer across the country, educate and engage them. The challenge was ‘HOW’!

Nurture The Stakeholders And Never Let Them Go

The company had envisioned excellent schemes to incentivize their consumers and win their loyalty. They saw it’s value but had no means to put it together. Kapila urgently needed  an easy solution to effectively implement their Loyalty and Reward Schemes with precision, in minimum possible time frame.

Facing The Challenges  - The Dyrect Way

Kapila had identified its need for a platform that could help them handle all these problems effectively, in shortest time possible. Time and money are highly significant in a business and modern technology has solutions to the most complex challenges. 

Dyrect offered a fully automated and easy to use solution that enabled effective management of massive consumer data, implementation of loyalty programs and helped collect relevant analytical data for better business decisions. Kapila was soon able to engage more than 1 Lakh consumers and saw a growth of 20% in its repeat sales. Kapila’s increased credibility in the market and ease of operation were the other advantages that helped boost their growth in the long run.

Apart from these Key benefits that have boosted Kapila’s market growth, Dyrect helps them to - 

  • Centrally manage their entire Loyalty program with absolutely no dependency on distributors, field team or any third party.
  • Implement complex schemes like Points per SKU, Scratch and Win, Lucky Draw Schemes and several other innovative options using Dyrect’ advanced Loyalty Engine
  • Design multiple gifting options for their consumers. The farmers can choose from a range of options like PayTM CashBack, Amazon Gift etc. This has gone along way in creating a huge base of loyal and repeat customers.
  • Engage with its audience in multiple ways like sending Push Notifications, SMS using Dyrect’ advanced proprietary Marketing tool. Launching New Schemes and Pushing new product lines to the customers has become a lot easier.
  • Analyze Reward Program Behaviour in real-time and take corresponding business decisions with the help of Dyrect’ technologically creative dashboards and reports.  
  • Understand consumer behavior and patterns and evaluate best performing retailers and distributors at various geographical locations.

Simplest yet a very powerful solution

Dyrect believes that a solution’s ease of use is an important aspect of its effective implementation. Kapila’s consumer base includes consumers from varied demographics, age and educational backgrounds. Any complex system would have made the consumer uncomfortable. 

The Dyrect technology simply requires the user to scan a QR Code.This scan translates into valuable consumer data for Kapila and helps the user access various reward schemes and benefits, provided by company from time to time.

One technology that opens several channels of possibilities for your business as well as for your consumers, Dyrect is a Win-Win solution that works both ways.   

Next Steps

With its digital dominance and control on consumer engagement, Kapila is now ready to expand its presence and market share in other parts of the country.

Using technology they intend to track and control the entire supply chain and the movement of the goods.  With such measures in place, they would be able to expand and scale up their business quickly!

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